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"I was born and raised down there on Dumesnil St. So, I've been apart of this community for over 58 years. My favorite thing to do is kick it and shoot pool down the way. I did drink a lot back then but I'm sober today. I'm in 13 years of sobriety. So, you know, I got into a lot of mischief but I made my way through.

I have lived two lifetimes, in my age. God has been so good to me. I've come to a point where I know it wasn't me but the God of my understanding. He's been good to me, man. I take it one day at a time. I grew wiser from ignorance, as I got older. Tupac said this, 'If you don't grow and continue to be prolific in your life, you'll disappear'. I go by a lot of his quotes and his understanding. When I became a man, I started to do what a man does by my actions, rather than my talk. So, I try to align talk up with my walk. That's wise stuff, man. If you don't wise up, you'll disappear off the scene.  

Judge each and every person by the content of their character and how they judge and treat you. Always think outside the box, not inside. Don't confine your mind to certain conceptions. Always look at both sides instead of one side. You'll continue to grow, in your mind. If you don't continue to grow, you'll anialate yourself. It's all about growth in your mind." - Mark, Parkland